Prepared for you with lots of love

What do you feel like today? Regardless of whether sweet or savoury, at Frau Helvetia you can always embark on a culinary journey through Switzerland. Authentic. Fresh. Traditional. We prepare everything for you with passion and devotion. Depending on the season and availability, the product range varies on a regular basis – hence, it’s worth coming back to Frau Helvetia where we always have a surprise in store for you.

Fresh and mouthwatering salads

The best farm food around – freshly mixed, garnished and constantly alternating: potato salad, sausage and cheese salad, boiled meat salad, macaroni salad, rice salad, and lentil salad.

Tasty treats from the soup pot

Hot and full of flavour: barley soup from the Grisons, flour soup from Basle, minestrone, pot-au-feu, onion soup, and barley & bean soup from Zurich.

Popular and well-known Swiss dishes

Straight out of grandma’s kitchen:
Älplermagronen (shepherd’s macaroni), Rösti pan (fried grated potatoes), minced meat with macaroni, vol-au-vent, meat loaf, Zürcher Geschnetzeltes (Zurich-style veal stew), Guild bratwurst, raclette (available in winter), polenta, pizzoccheri (buckwheat noodles), capuns, maluns, saucisson (raw sausage from the French speaking part of Switzerland) and bean stew.

Mid-morning and afternoon snacks for in-between

Crispy, spicy and grainy snacks for a power boost: cheese toast, sandwiches, and a large variety of mueslis.

Sweet temptations

As a dessert or simply as a treat: apple pie, moist apple hazelnut cake, crème brûlée, cherry cake with kirsch, carrot cake, nut cake, meringues, almond croissant, cherry compote, and Vogelheu (French toast).

Our fun fair delicacies

Absolutely delightful, even if not consumed at the village square: roasted almonds, Magenbrot (ginger bread speciality), Basler Läckerli (traditional honey cake from Basle), puff pastry from Glarus, cream toffee from Appenzell, pear bread.

Beverages and refreshments from different regions

Quench your thirst or warm you heart with: Swiss mineral water with flavour or tasteless (Pepita, Gazosa, etc.), cider, beer, red and white wine, Ovomaltine, coffee, tea.