„Grüezi“ and a very warm welcome to my kitchen.

It’s lovely having you here. I would like to introduce you to the world of genuine and authentic Swiss cuisine. For a long time, I’ve been hugely enthralled by its variety, tradition, quality and recipes – simple, but delicious.

It’s true that the love of one’s country also goes through the stomach – and when I’m in the kitchen cooking my favourite recipes, my heart’s desires are fulfilled. I only use selected and authentic products which originate from all over Switzerland. I bet you can’t imagine what kind of variety we encounter here! I can only say that I am inspired again and again. And I really hope that I can share this pleasure with you.

I now invite you to accompany me on my culinary excursions through Swiss kitchens and take a peek into many different exquisite pots and pans.

Why not come by and get some “food to go” from my kitchen.

“En Guete”, yours faithfully, Frau Helvetia

And by the way: I’ve even got something special for hiking enthusiasts. My “Picknicker” – a daypack you can fill with whatever you fancy for a tasty snack.